Let the dating game begin! Episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” aired on ABC on May 26, truly starting Andi Dorfman’s journey to find her Prince Charming. With 19 guys in the house ready to fight for her heart, the 26-year-old set out for three big dates – two one-on-ones and one group date. But only 16 men will move on when Andi makes her elimination decisions during the second rose ceremony.

First One-On-One Date

Eric landed the highly coveted first date, receiving a card that teased: “love is everywhere.” Andi and Eric headed off to the beach where sparks immediately began to fly between the pair, and Eric revealed his true intentions to the cameras.

“If I didn’t think that love could be found here I wouldn’t be here,” he explained.

And his charm didn’t stop there. Building a sandcastle together, Eric joked that they already built their first home together.

But in usual “Bachelorette” fashion, the date had a little twist – a helicopter ride to a snowy mountain! With professional snowboarder Louie Vito third wheeling it, Andi and Eric strapped on some gear to go snowboarding. And while Andi struggled on her board, Eric’s experience proved to be handy as he guided her down the slope.

Moving their date into a romantic cabin, Andi opened up to the cameras that she was really digging Eric – especially his gorgeous looks. But that wasn’t all. She liked how well traeled and down to earth he was during their first date.

He opened up about the scariest moment in his life, marriage and kids – and ultimately Andi ended up gifting him with a rose.

Group Date

bachelorette The guys stripped for charity during episode 2 of "The Bachelorette." Photo: ABC

Brian, Marquel, Bradley, Craig, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Tasos, Josh, Ron, Marcus, Nick S., Dylan and Carl were chosen for the first group date of the season. But unfortunately that meant that four guys – J.J., Nick V., Andrew and Chris – were left behind with their fingers crossed that they’d land the last one-on-one date.

“Let’s bare our souls,” teased the group date card.

So, what was in store for the men? Stripping for charity!

Arriving at their venue, the guys watched “The Hollywood Men” strip down and learned that they’d be entering into the exotic dancing world for “The Bachelor Gives Back.” Most of the guys were pretty nervous, although some – like Cody – were looking forward to showing off their bodies to Andi. And for those that remember Juan Pablo’s “The Bachelor,” Andi had to do something pretty similar.

The guys were split into three groups and two solo routines, and the two lucky men who received the opportunity to strip by themselves were Marcus, who had to do an aviator routine, and Nick S., who had to dress up as a robot.

With “Bachelor” alum Sharleen and Kelly at her side, Andi watched her 14 contestant’s take it all off for charity – and she was very impressed! Thanks to Nick S. she got to see “a part of the man no one was supposed to see,” and “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison received an upfront and personal performance courtesy of Dylan.

And even though Marcus was freaking out about going on stage by himself, he ended up owning his routine and impressing the bachelorette.

As if the stripping wasn’t wild enough, things took a turn for the crazy during the after party when Craig went a little too heavy on the booze. Taking the reins once everyone had champagne in their hands, Craig toasted to “a great day.”

“I had fun and I think everyone else did to,” Craig told Andi. “So this is to you.”

Before Craig could carry on, Brian pulled Andi away for some one-on-one time. And the teacher got a little reassurance about his position in the house when Andi revealed that she was impressed with his performance.

Josh swooped in after Brian to use his one-on-one time to break the athlete stereotype. And it was a good thing he did, because Andi confirmed that she dated guys like him in the past and was a little weary about traveling down that road again

Meanwhile, Bradley the opera singer showed off his vocal chords, and Ron tried to bond – however Craig’s drunken antics began to distract everyone.

Jumping into the pool fully clothed, Craig began to cause a raucous. And even though Andi began to doubt who was truly there to date her, she also wanted to give him a little lead way because he was such a nice guy.

In the end Marcus ended up getting the group date rose, but overall Andi wasn’t happy with how the date turned out.

Second One-On-One Date

Bachelorette Andi and Chris got hot and heavy on their one-on-one date. Photo: ABC

Chris landed the second one-on-one date and last date of week two. And unfortunately that means J.J., Nick V., and Andrew are going to be dateless for the week.

Meeting Andi at the Santa Anita horse track, the duo gets decked out in their finest attire to watch the races. Betting on horses and having a blast, the pair begins to talk to an older couple who has been together for 55 years. Since Chris and Andi are on their first date, they ask for advice – and the couple tells them that love grows when you learn to trust each other.

And if Chris wasn’t already smitten enough with Andi, he made it clear when he told the cameras that he’s already a winner because he’s there with the most amazing woman on the planet.

Later that night the pair talk about what they’re looking for in a relationship and Chris admits to being previously engaged. However he made it clear to Andi that he wants to be excited about spending the rest of his life with someone, and he didn’t have that connection with his ex.

Thanks to him opening up, Andi offers him the one-on-one rose and the pair head off for one final surprise – a performance by This Wild Life. The duo dance away while sharing a passionate kiss.

The Pre-Rose Ceremony Bash

With eliminations coming up, Nick V. immediately swooped in to get some one-on-one time with Andi. And the contestant, who previously was awarded the first impression rose, decided that his best bet to woo Andi was to play “The Bachelorette” game – by giving her a date card!

“Andi - Let’s get things popping,” Nick V. wrote in the card. Leading her outside he popped a bottle of champagne before diving into “fourth date material.”

What is “fourth date material,” you may ask? Nick V. wants to know what Andi’s looking for and why she think she hasn’t found it.

The pair bond over the fact that they want something great, undeniable and unconditional; and that they’re not willing to settle until they find it.

While a connection between Andi and Nick V. is undeniable, it’s Josh that really gets sparks flying by pulling the bachelorette in for a smoking hot kiss. And Craig’s not ready to give up after his embarrassing drunken shenanigans. Wanting to apologize for his actions, Craig pulls out a guitar and sings Andi an original song:

“I messed up last night/ I had too much Firefly / I bared my junk to 13 other guys but I hope you think that its’ alright/ Oh Andi/ Please let me stayyy”

So, who did Andi send home in episode 2? Eric, Marcus and Chris were safe after receiving roses during the one-on-one and group dates. Andi gifted the first rose to Ron, followed by Dylan, J.J., Marquel, Andrew, Tasos, Josh, Cody, Nick V., Patrick, Brian, Brett and finally Bradley.

In the end, Nick S., Carl and Craig were eliminated during episode 2.

“I’m trying not to totally freak and break down,” Nick S. told the cameras after the elimination.

“I don’t know where I went wrong,” Carl says. “We could have been something; that’s what I wanted.”

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