There is no doubt that this season of “The Bachelorette” was packed full of drama, but the “Men Tell All” special on Monday somehow managed to take things to a whole new level. Host Chris Harrison brought back some of the most memorable contestants from this season to talk about their controversial moments and let them come face to face with the girl at the center of it all – Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Check out the roundup of the top moments from “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All”:

1. Ian Tells All

Remember Ian? He was the Princeton graduate, former model who “defied death” and walked off “The Bachelorette” after questioning Kaitlyn’s motives. He made his return Monday for the “Men Tell All,” and fellow contestant Tanner had fun ripping into him about his rude exit. Before he left, he told the cameras that the other guys in the house were lame and only told fart and sex jokes.

“Yeah, we made fart jokes,” Tanner responds to Ian’s accusations. “But we also had great conversations.”

Tanner’s argument is that Ian didn’t even give any of the guys in the house a chance. He also feels like Ian was disrespectful to not only his fellow contestants, but Kaitlyn as well. Corey doesn’t exactly feel the same. Although he agrees that Ian could have been nicer to the other men, he says that Ian was “spot on” about Kaitlyn. Ben H turns around with the ultimate comeback for Corey: “How many weeks were you even on the show?”

In the end Ian ends up taking off his jacket and walking onto the stage to get down on his knees to say he’s sorry. And just to keep the chitchat going, he continues by apologizing to his mom and Kaitlyn’s mom.

2. Clint Clear The Air

Clint has something to say – “I’m a straight man.” As for his “Brokeback Bachelor” moments with JJ? The two just developed a “strong friendship”!

3. Ben H. Reveals The Truth About The San Antonio Night

Ben H.’s fan club was out in full force for the “Men Tell All” special. By the cheering crowd it’s pretty clear that “Bachelor Nation” knows who they want as the Season 20 star of “The Bachelor.” And Ben H. only made fans fall even more in love with him after he sat down with Chris Harrison.

Ben H. opens up about the night in San Antonio when Kaitlyn confessed to Shawn that he was “the one.” Viewers will remember that Ben H. previously spoke to Kaitlyn about singling out Shawn, but it turns out that there is more to the story.

Ben H. revealed that he was roommates with Shawn in San Antonio. Kaitlyn managed to sneak down to the room without any cameras or microphones, a move that made both men extremely happy. According to Ben H., Kaitlyn sat on Shawn’s bed because he had a king size and Ben H. was on a cot. The trio hung out for six hours until a handler came into the room to warn them about packing. Ben H. went to take a shower, and when he came back he said that he “could tell something happened” and that he was the “outsider in the room.”

Although his relationship with Kaitlyn progressed after that, he explains to Chris Harrison that that moment in San Antonio made him “pull back” out of fear of getting hurt.

4. Chris Harrison Addresses Cyber Bullying

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s controversial season has been a hot topic, but many “Bachelorette” fans didn’t realize that the star was getting cyber bullied. Chris Harrison shares some shocking and terrible messages that were addressed to Kaitlyn. One of the more horrifying ones came from a mother. Chris Harrison stands up for Kaitlyn, telling the audience that he would choose her as a role model for his kids over a cyber bully spewing hate.

5. Why Didn’t Kaitlyn Tell Ben H. About Nick?

Kaitlyn and Ben H. ended their relationship on a good note, but there is one thing still eating away at Ben H. – why didn’t she tell him about sleeping with Nick? Kaitlyn repeated that she felt guilty about hooking up with Nick and that it was a mistake. As for why she didn’t tell Ben H. or any of the other guys about it? She says it all comes down to her compartmentalizing each relationship.

“Where I was at with Shawn I felt some sort of responsibility to be honest with him,” she confesses to Ben H. “If It came down to that I would have been honest with you as well.”

6. Ryan M. Apologizes For Getting All ‘Horned Up’

Ryan M. made QUITE the impression on his one and only night on “The Bachelorette.” (“Horned up” for life.) He got kicked off by Chris Harrison after getting too drunk, and he was finally able to say his piece during the “Men Tell All.”

He starts off by acknowledging that he appreciates all the guys and that they were able to admit when they were wrong. He continues that it wasn’t his “intention” to act like that. So, why did he get that crazy? “You never came inside,” he reveals to Kaitlyn. “It was like eight hours.”

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