Happy “Bachelorette” Monday! After months of waiting, fans of the hit ABC series finally got to reunite with Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe of Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.” In a shocking move, the two lucky ladies were chosen to be the stars of “The Bachelorette.” However, host Chris Harrison had one more trick up his sleeve – on night one the 25 men would vote for one woman to remain.

The twist didn’t sit well with Kaitlyn, who thought that having the men choose would be awkward. And Britt shared similar feelings, fearing the rejection. But nerves aside, the two bachelorettes faced the single and sexy contestants for limo arrivals during the Season 11 premiere.

Limo Arrivals

Ben H., a 26-year-old software salesman from Denver, was the first to exit the limos. He went to Kaitlyn first, but connected with Britt over their sponsorship of children. From that point on, the men appeared to be going first to the woman they were more attracted to – and Kaitlyn noticed. She told the cameras that she was “extremely nervous” and “uncomfortable” with the situation. Kaitlyn continued that she hoped the guys would give her a fair chance to prove that she’s worth it, but viewers couldn’t help but notice her tearing up from the pressure.

Britt noticed that Kaitlyn initially wasn’t acting like herself, but soon the tables were turned. The men exiting the limo began approaching Kaitlyn first instead of Britt. Ian, the 28-year-old executive recruiter from Los Angeles, told Kaitlyn that he really wanted “The Bachelorette” to be her. Meanwhile, JJ, a 32-year-old former investment banker from Denver, handed Kaitlyn a hockey puck and told her “I would love to puck you.”

The attention made Kaitlyn feel good and gave her a confidence boost. However, Britt’s attitude began to falter – especially when Shawn B. arrived. The 28-year-old personal trainer from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, immediately caught Britt’s eye and gave her butterflies. However, after walking away from Britt, Shawn B. told Kaitlyn that she was the reason he was there. Things between Kaitlyn and Britt became even tenser when Kaitlyn snuck inside to say hi to the guys. Britt thought it was cheating and not fair.

Cocktail Party

After all the limo arrivals, Britt and Kaitlyn were finally able to head inside to mingle and get to know the guys -- And one was already hammered. Ryan M. managed to have a couple too many drinks while the guys were still arriving. He even heckled Shawn E., who arrived in a hot tub car. But Ryan M. aside, the rest of the guys seemed open to developing a connection with both Kaitlyn and Britt. Unfortunately host Chris Harrison interrupted the fun to bring some bad news – the voting room was open.

Some contestants entered the competition knowing exactly which woman they were there for. However others changed their mind after meeting Kaitlyn and Britt. Ian stuck with his gut of Kaitlyn, while Jared entered Team Kaitlyn but ended up voting Team Britt. Meanwhile, Tony joined the show undecided, but knew right after talking with Britt that she was the one he wanted to pursue.

The ladies immediately felt like they had to prove themselves to the guys in order to win the vote. But Ryan M. ended up stealing all the attention. Shawn E., who arrived in the hot tub car, approached him about being “disrespectful.” Ryan M. claimed he never did anything to him and a physical fight between the two almost broke out. Shawn E. was smart enough to walk away, however Ryan M. continued to make poor decisions. He pulled Britt aside for some alone time and J.J. and Jonathan tried to rescue her from his grasp. He then approached Kaitlyn and slapped her butt. Kaitlyn could fend for herself, but Ben Z. took it upon himself to tell him that was not appropriate or okay in his book.

Ryan M. proceeded to strip and hang out in the pool. However his time on “The Bachelorette” was limited. A crewmember on the show asked him to meet Chris Harrison outside, and he was told to leave.

With the contestants already down to 24, the votes for Britt and Kaitlyn still had to be tallied. Although some men didn’t reveal who they voted for, other cast members made it clear whose side they were on. As of now these are the definite votes:

Team Kaitlyn: Ian, Joshua, Shawn B., Joe, Corey, Ben Z.

Team Britt: Jonathan, Tony, Josh, Kupah, Brady

Who did all the men vote for? The answer will be revealed during night two on Tuesday, May 19 at 8 p.m. EDT.