Holy. Drama. The 2015 season of “The Bachelorette” is INTENSE – and episode 6 didn’t slow down on the theatrics.

Things picked up right where episode 5 left off last week, with Ian having a complete meltdown on star Kaitlyn Bristowe. In an attempt to be “honest” with her, he tells her that he thinks their connection is “superficial” and that she doesn’t appreciate how “deep” he really is. He continues that he sees her as shallow and thinks that she’s on “The Bachelorette” just to make out with other guys rather than find a husband. Needless to say, Kaitlyn is taken back by his harsh words and completely offended.

“I’m not the guy you’re looking for. You’re not the girl I’m looking for,” Ian tells her before leaving.

Although Ian left, he doesn’t stop talking. While in the car he explains to the cameras that he’s “not lame” like the other contestants, feels like he was being punished for “being an intellectual,” and is “destined” to be the next star of “The Bachelor.” (Yeah, OK.)

Ian’s departure makes Kaitlyn nervous about the remaining contestants, fearing that they too question her motives on the show. However, after sitting down with Nick, Kaitlyn’s back to her confident and chipper self – just in time for the rose ceremony!

Shawn B., Ben H. and Nick enter the rose ceremony with roses. Jared lands the first rose, followed by Chris “Cupcake,” JJ, Joe and Ben Z. The final rose goes to Tanner, eliminating Joshua and Justin at the top of episode 6.

The guys have limited time to celebrate moving forward … because they’re going to Dublin, Ireland to continue their journey to love!

One-On-One Date

Nick lands the only one-on-one date of episode 6. The couple has a great day exploring the streets of Dublin and river dancing – taking every opportunity to make out. At dinner she admits that she’s falling for him, and things get hot and heavy. But while a normal date would end shortly after dinner, Kaitlyn kicks things up a notch by asking Nick if he wans to go back to her hotel room to hang out.

Things continue to heat up when they get back to the room. Nick has his hand up Kaitlyn’s dress as the two make out on the couch. But they don’t last long on the couch. Eventually the only thing the cameras can focus on is the bedroom door – but the mics are definitely still on.

In between wet kisses and moaning sounds, the two feed each other cheesy lines like, “I never want this to end,” and “I want to know every part of you.” Nick doesn’t leave until the next morning, and he almost immediately tells the guys that Kaitlyn invited him back to her room – something that she doesn’t want to happen. Although she admits that they share some serious chemistry, emotions and passion, she feels guilty about having sex with him because of the other relationships she’s in. The thought of her ruining those relationships because of one passionate night terrifies her, and she admits to the cameras that she’s afraid of having no one at the end of “The Bachelorette” journey.

Group Date

Ben H., Ben Z., Chris “Cupcake,” Jared, Shawn B. and Tanner embark on the episode 6 group date … and it’s a weird one. “The Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison joins them to tell them that they’re on the date to celebrate Kaitlyn’s life … because she’s dead (for the sake of the date). When they enter the room to partake in the traditional Irish wake it’s hard for everyone to take it seriously – especially since Kaitlyn’s in a coffin and can’t stop laughing. But bizarre date aside, it actually turns out to be a fun and romantic day out.

The date continues at the Guinness Storehouse where everyone gets some alone time with Kaitlyn. Shawn uses his time to show photos of his family and continue to open up, but it doesn’t work out in his favor. Kaitlyn ends up giving the group date rose to Jared, and the pair spends the rest of their evening dancing in a cathedral while The Cranberries perform.

But while Jared and Kaitlyn enjoy a romantic dance, Shawn B. is freaking out over their relationship. He talks to a production member, telling him that he “can’t do this anymore,” and that he’d be upset to make it all the way to the Fantasy Suites just to have her “bang two other dudes.”

“I can’t do this,” he says to the cameras, on the verge of crying.

When he makes it back to the hotel later that night he decides to confront her about his feelings and her actions. Kaitlyn doesn’t understand why he’s at her room and she fears that he found about her night with Nick. 

Bachelorette 6 Kaitlyn and Jared dance while The Cranberries perform in episode 6 of "The Bachelorette." Photo: ABC