Who is “The Bachelorette” – Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn Bristowe? On Monday night the Season 11 contestants put their roses in the box for the woman they thought they could see a future with. Host Chris Harrison tallied up the votes and revealed which lucky lady would continue on as “The Bachelorette.”

Pulling Britt aside first, Chris broke the news to her.

“Britt, unfortunately you are not going to be ‘The Bachelorette,’” he told her. “Sorry.”

Britt was in shock upon learning the results. She explained to Chris that she had met amazing people inside and was surprised by the outcome. To make her feel better, Chris promised that the vote was close. However that knowledge didn’t change the fact that she was going home without the chance of pursuing a relationship with the contestants inside. Britt sobbed in the limo, telling the cameras that she’s got a lot of love to give.

With Britt gone, Chris Harrison then went to tell Kaitlyn the results.

“Unfortunately, Kaitlyn, I had to send Britt home,” he told her. The “unfortunately” threw Kaitlyn for a second, but she quickly rebounded and soaked in the good news.

After finally pulling herself together, Chris dropped a bombshell on her – she had to go back into the mansion and decide what contestants she was sending him.

“Oh, I still have to do that?” she asked.

“You’re the bachelorette,” he told her. “That’s your job.”

So, after a quick call to her mom to tell her that she felt like she was going to “throw up,” Chris Harrison introduced Kaitlyn Bristowe to the men as the Season 11 star of “The Bachelorette.”

Shawn B., Ian and Joshua were ecstatic to hear the news. However, Team Britt was a little heartbroken and confused as to what to do next. Jonthan thought, “oh s---,” when Kaitlyn walked into the room. David, and Josh also confessed that they were disappointed. But Tony and Brady seemed to be taking it the hardest. Tony revealed to the cameras that his heart “truly resonated with Britt” and that it hurt him to have her gone. Brady admitted that there was no question coming onto the show that he was there for Britt, and that he didn’t know what to do with his emotions now that she was gone.

But while those men seemingly contemplated leaving, others decided to take a chance on Kaitlyn. Jared came clean to her, admitting that while he was happy she was named “The Bachelorette,” he had actually voted for Britt. He wasn’t sure how Kaitlyn would take the confession, but she thanked him for telling her. JJ chose not to tell her that he voted for Britt, but attempted to make a connection with her. He opened up to her about his 3-year-old, and Kaitlyn told him that a kid wasn’t a deal breaker for her – in fact she admitted that she was super interested in him.

With a first impression rose on the table, Kaitlyn continued chit-chatting with the guys. Joshua gave her a steel rose that he made himself, while Dentist Chris chose to go in for the kill and land the first kiss of the season. However, it was Shawn B. who landed the first impression rose.

“I’m really attracted to you,” she admitted to Shawn B. “Ad I’m excited and I can’t wait to take you on a date. Will you accept this rose?”

Shawn B. did and Kaitlyn received her second steamy kiss of the night. The kiss gave her butterflies, but she had to push her dreamy thoughts of Shawn B. aside because she had to eliminate contestants in the rose ceremony.

The first rose ceremony kicked off with 24 men since Ryan M. got eliminated earlier by Chris Harrison for being too drunk. Shawn B. was gifted with the first impression rose so he was safe from elimination, and Kaitlyn gave the first ceremony rose to Dentist Chris. She handed Ben H. the second rose, followed by JJ, Joe, Kupah, Daniel, Ryan B., Joshua and Tony. But before Kaitlyn could continue with the rose ceremony, Brady decided to interrupt and ask if he could talk to her alone.

Brady came clean and admitted that while he was impressed with her, he wanted to risk his heart on a chance with Britt. Kaitlyn said goodbye to him, and Chris Harrison appeared to be helping him reunite with Britt.

Kaitlyn returned to the rest of the guys to continue the rose ceremony and told them what happened with Brady. When the rose ceremony continued, Clint landed the first rose back. Corey, Jonathan, Cory S., Ben Z., Tanner, Ian and Justin. The final rose of the first rose ceremony went to Jared. Bradley, Shawn E, Josh and David were eliminated in part 2 of the Season 11 premiere of “The Bachelorette.”