JoJo Fletcher’s journey to find love continues on “The Bachelorette” Monday night! After Jojo said goodbye to Evan, Grant and Vinny in episode 5, the remaining eight contestants packed their bags to follow JoJo to Argentina.

Last week was very emotional for JoJo as she had to face the men over tabloid rumors involving her ex-boyfriend. She was able to clear everything up, but that doesn’t mean episode 6 will be drama free.

In an attempt to make some progress in her relationship with Wells, JoJo will embark on a romantic walk through Buenos Aires with the radio DJ. While she feels some chemistry with him, the two have had a chance to talk only on group dates. It’ll be up to Wells to prove he has the passion to stay in the game.

Later, five of the guys will head out on a group date with JoJo. JoJo’s looking to enjoy a fun afternoon with the men in the La Boca neighborhood. However, jealousy and tempers flare “as the competition intensifies.”

Finally, JoJo will have to sit through another two-on-one date — this time with Chase and Derek.  The two men butted heads last week after Derek accused Chase and a couple of the other guys of forming a clique and being rude. Chase brushed him off, but there is no avoiding him now.

Someone has to get sent home during the two-on-one date — but will the rose ceremony result in a bigger shake-up? The promo video teases that something will cause JoJo to leave the room before she finishes handing out the roses.

Catch “The Bachelorette” episode 6 when it airs on ABC on Monday, June 27, at 8 p.m. EDT.