“The Bachelorette” returned to the U.S. in episode 8 so JoJo Fletcher could meet the families of her four remaining contestants. Each hometown date went well, with each family approving of the 25-year-old real estate developer. However, that only made JoJo’s decision that much more difficult.

JoJo entered the rose ceremony certain that she was going to eliminate Luke, the 31-year-old war veteran. But when Luke pulled her aside to finally confess that he was in love with her, JoJo had a change of heart. It was the one thing she had been waiting to hear from the Texas native — but did his bold declaration of love come too late? Episode 8 ended with JoJo in tears, confused about the tough decision she had to make.

Fans of the ABC reality show have to wait until next Monday to find out who JoJo sends packing … but we’ve got our own opinions.


Robby needs to be the first to go. The 27-year-old former competitive swimmer was the first one to tell JoJo that he was in love with her, however, he failed to divulge at the time that he had just gotten out of a four year relationship three months prior. JoJo has strong feelings for him, even going as far as to tell his mom how much he means to her. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely confident in their relationship. Last week James told her that they call him “Wandering Eyes Robby” because he’s always looking at other girls. And this week, Robby had to explain that his ex-girlfriend’s roommate is telling everyone that he dumped her to join the show. Robby denied everything, but he didn’t exactly word it well. He told JoJo that his relationship really ended nine months ago, but didn’t have the heart to break things off completely until three months ago. We’re not buying it — and hopefully neither is JoJo.


Why is Chase still here? Yeah, the 27-year-old medical sales representative is a good-looking dude. But he also has the personality of a wet dishrag. The proof is in the short screen-time he had this week during his hometown date.


JoJo keeps telling Jordan how nervous she is about their relationship, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a strong connection. Jordan’s not going anywhere — even if it’s unlikely that JoJo will spend the holidays with his pro football player brother Aaron Rodgers.


Yes, Luke was totally on the chopping block this week — but only because he never said those three little words. JoJo’s looking for a husband at the end of this, and needs reassurance from the remaining guys. She finally got it, which might have saved Luke for another week. But he still needs to step his game up if he wants to compete with the other men.

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