Bernie Sanders has been criticized for endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but on Monday the Vermont senator and former presidential hopeful committed an even worse offense.

According to Us Weekly, the Democratic National Convention ran over its allotted time, forcing “Bachelorette” viewers to wait it out. Fans had some warning, however. Before the convention began, host Chris Harrison tweeted that fans should be aware that delays were eminent. He added that it was beyond his control, but that didn’t stop outraged viewers from tweeting at him and Sanders.

Why were “Bachelorette” fans so outraged? The episode featured a trip to the fantasy suite as well as a special romantic getaway. It also brought viewers one elimination closer to the final rose ceremony. During the show, star JoJo Fletcher sent Luke packing. The episode suggested that it wasn’t an easy decision for JoJo, who cried before and after she announced it. Luke was also heartbroken, largely because he didn’t see it coming.

Although Luke is out of the picture, JoJo still has some hard decisions to make. The “Bachelorette” star is left with three remaining prospects — Jordan, Robby and Chase. She proclaimed her love for Robby during episode 9, but he isn’t the only one she’s got strong feelings for. During the same episode JoJo was swept up in a romantic moment with Jordan — at least, until she ruined it by bringing up her ex, former “The Bachelor” star Ben Higgins. Jordan, who many fans are rooting against due to several controversial instances throughout Season # of “The Bachelorette,” revealed to JoJo that he would like to be with her forever, but JoJo wasn’t feeling it.

“That’s what Ben said,” she responded.

Although Jordan seems sincere on “The Bachelorette,” on June 29 sources told Us Weekly that he was on the show for all the wrong reasons. The publication reported that the former NFL hopeful wanted another contestant to be chosen over him, making him a shoo-in for the lead on next season of “The Bachelor.” Us claimed that after being cut from the Miami Dolphins in 2014, Jordan knew that athleticism would not be what skyrocketed him to fame. He did not give up on living life in the spotlight, however. Sources claim he was “desperately” seeking an easy opportunity to become a star by joining “The Bachelorette” cast. Jordan reportedly had no plans of being a front-runner in the race for JoJo’s heart.

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