The final episode of “The Bachelorette” on Aug. 5 saw Desiree Hartsock getting engaged to Chris Siegfried, and the next day, the newly-engaged couple appeared on “Live With Kelly And Michael” to discuss their upcoming nuptials.

Hartsock, 27, and Siegfried, 28, said on the morning show that they would like to get married sometime next year, and added that although their engagement was telecast, the wedding would be a private affair.

“We would like to get married in the summer — next summer. We want to keep it intimate,” said Hartsock, who is moving to Seattle to be with her fiancé, according to HollywoodLife.

Hartsock’s engagement to Seigfried, a baseball player turned mortgage broker, comes just days after she was dumped by Brooks Forester, the man Hartsock thought would walk down the aisle with her. According to reports, Hartsock was said to be so heartbroken that she wanted to leave the show when Forester ditched her.

But, there seemed to be no animosity between the former lovers, as Forester, who met the new couple at the “After The Final Rose” special edition of the reality show, said he was extremely happy for them.

“I am happy for her,” Forester told “They came looking for love and they found that. Both are amazing individuals, and the fact that they found that and they are comfortable with each other, and comfortable with the decisions that they have made, and feel like they can back up the words ‘I Love You’ to each other and commit to that relationship is something to be celebrated and I am extremely happy for them.”

On being asked if he would attend Hartsock and Siegfried’s wedding, Forester said he would not want to go as it would put him and the couple in an awkward situation. “I don’t think so, out of respect for Chris and Desiree that would just be awkward,” Forester told HollywoodLife. “I myself would go, if they feel entirely comfortable. That is a weird circumstance.”