Baeta Corp. is a technology-enabled health improvement company that lists on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company’s objective is to empower patients to elevate their role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from illnesses. Baeta develops innovative, technology-driven healthcare information solutions enabling patients to capture health-related data easily. Incorporated in 2007, Baeta Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The Company empowers patients to elevate their role in prevention, diagnoses, treatment, and recovery. They do this through integrating patient needs and activities, new devices, and communication technology.

Currently, Baeta’s focus is on information and technology solutions for weight control, smoking cessation, pain monitoring, home medication dispensing, and medical records management. The Company’s intention is to expand into other technologies that complement their core business. This includes pulse oximetry, EKG, blood pressure, cardiac output, carbon dioxide, and temperature.

Baeta Corp.’s non-core business focuses on adapting technologies to the consumer market. The non-core business includes design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of consumer products that comprise the Company’s proprietary technologies.

The Company offers their MyHealthTrends™ products. MyHealthTrends™ is an innovative consumer and patient-oriented recording system. It enables individuals to document a broad spectrum of sensations, symptoms, or behaviors with the click of a button. This helps to acquire faster diagnoses and excellent results. Baeta’s MyHealthTrends™ will be available for a wide array of symptoms. The first will focus on pain, weight control, and smoking cessation.

Patients carry the hand-held MyHealthTrends™ device. This device is approximately the size of a modern automobile key. When one experiences sensations, symptoms, or behaviors, they press the button, and the event is recorded within the device. Periodically, the user plugs the device to their computer’s USB port. Here, the data is downloaded and stored within MyHealthTrends’™ secure, remote database.

MyHealthTrends™ for Weight Control empowers one to record and understand their hunger and food impulses whenever and wherever they are. The product’s “Crave Button” acts as a circuit breaker enabling one to redirect their energy, retain their composure, and master their food cravings.

MyHealthTrends™ for Pain is a pain monitoring system. It enables individuals to record the pain they experience with the click of a button. MyHealthTrends for Pain was developed to help those suffering from chronic pain and acute pain often associated with automobile, work, or sports-related injuries.

MyHealthTrends™ for Smoking Cessation empowers one to record and understand their cigarette and nicotine impulses. It also features the Crave Button. One can use the charts revealing their craving trends to help adjust their smoking, eating, stress, and behavior patterns (which tend to be interrelated). One can also share their craving charts with their family members and healthcare professionals.

In May, Baeta Corp. announced that the NYU School of Medicine will conduct a clinical trial to measure the efficacy of the Company’s “MyHealthTrends for Pain” handheld device during intra-operative, pre- and post-surgical periods. This trial will compare the current standard of pain care monitoring to Baeta Corp.’s device, which facilitates accurate data collection.

Dr. Alexander Gak, Chairman of Baeta Corp., said, “We look forward to the opportunity to determine if the standard of pain care monitoring can be advanced using this technology. With limited tools to quantify pain, this is an important initiative for any individual suffering from acute or chronic pain.”