It looks like Chinese search guru could be getting some traffic help from the country's government. Duncan Riley, a writer for technology blog TechCrunch, says that reports have surfaced that China is redirecting traffic from all 3 major U.S. search engines in the country to Baidu. Citing other sites like the Digital Market Blog and Google Blogscoped forums, Riley reports that requests to and are being sent directly to Baidu.

Riley also speculates that news of the Dalai Lama being in the U.S. could be a driver for the shift by the Chinese. Additionally, Duncan says that the possibility that China may use its firewall as an economic tool as opposed to a censorship tool alone, and although censorship may be partially behind todays [sic] blanket ban of US search sites, the redirect to Baidu would indicate an economic motive.

It seems that this news is having a bit of an impact on BIDU shares, as the stock has managed to gain more than 1.25% despite a broad-based selling mood on the Street. As Mel Brooks once said, It's good to be the king. Or in this case, a government-sanctioned Internet search engine.