Bald Eagle Energy, Inc., (BEEI.OB), a Texas based oil and gas exploration company, has its eyes on Alaska's North Slope. The company is actively acquiring leases in the area, based upon two important facts:

• National and world demand for oil and gas will inevitably continue on an upward slope for years to come, in spite of the current economic slowdown, and in spite of efforts to move to non-fossil fuels.

• Alaska's North Slope, and surrounding regions, represent America's best major source of new energy, and will continue to play a major role in reaching the country's goal of energy independence.

It's no secret that America, and most of the world, floats on a sea of oil. And virtually every projection points to increased demand for the foreseeable future. Globalization, and the spread of free market economies, has spurred development like never before. And the recent economic downturn, even if prolonged, will not stop this long term growing competition for gas and oil.

America currently produces less than 25% of the oil it consumes, a daily shortfall of over 15 million barrels. As a result, the country's productive engine is increasingly dependent upon foreign governments with interests that frequently diverge from those of the United States. Never before has America relied so heavily on the unpredictable goodwill of others. Political insecurities in oil producing regions, coupled with long and vulnerable supply lines, threaten the country's security and have fueled American involvement in conflicts.

Bald Eagle Energy was formed in response to America's oil crisis, with the purpose of working toward American energy independence. To this end, the company is completing the acquisition of leases in Alaska's North Slope, leases that represent areas believed to be some of the most potentially productive in Alaska. And there's a good reason for believing this. They're right next door to the largest oil field in North America, Prudhoe Bay.

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