Spencer will have to talk to Joe about his behavior with their boss in the final episode of “Ballers”. Meanwhile, Ricky Jarret appears to be making sacrifices in order to become a team player and tries again to build a working relationship with Alonzo.

[Spoiler alert]

A preview video of the next episode posted on the YouTube channel of HBO shows Joe (Rob Corddry) smashing things in his office and Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) confronts him about a meeting between Joe and their boss Anderson (Richard Schiff).

Joe has been talking about quitting Anderson Financial and going off on his own. He has also been talking to clients to see if they would come along with him in his new venture. One major factor that his clients are looking at is whether Spencer will be a part of the new startup that Joe is planning.

The mid-season trailer video of the show revealed that Joe will be resigning in the finale. Spencer may now have to decide if he wants to join Joe and form a new company in the last episode of “Ballers.”

Spencer will also have some trouble with Vernon (Donovan W. Carter). The cash-strapped football player doesn’t want to sign the deal with Dallas and Jason (Troy Garity) is still not able to locate his client and get him to sign the contract.

Meanwhile, Ricky (John David Washington) has finally managed to overcome his anger issues. He appears to be giving a t-shirt with his favorite number 18 to Alonzo (Antoine Harris). Ricky had previously revealed that the number 18 was dear to him because it shows that he is not like his father, who used to wear a number 81 t-shirt while playing football.

Another major character on the show is Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller). Charles appears to be getting back in shape and the “Ballers” finale promo video has the character showcasing his talents in a practice session. Miller appears in an inside look video of the previous episode and says that his character loves competition and needs to get back in the game.