Balqon Corp., – the developer of zero-emission, heavy-duty Class 7-8 electric vehicles – announced recently a new dealer agreement with Electric Cars of Costa Rica S.A. (“ECCR”) to make available the Company’s vehicles and drive systems.

As the Republic of Costa Rica’s leading distributor of electric vehicles (EVs), neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), and light duty on-road trucks, ECCR will handle distribution of the medium- to heavy-duty BLQN EVs and drive systems, in addition to service and parts.

President and CEO of BLQN, Balwinder Samra, noted that Costa Rica was a “pace setter” among nations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, and has even declared the serious ambition of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral country.

Samra pointed to ECCR’s leadership role in moving the ball down the field toward ecological sustainability for Costa Rica by constantly spearheading initiatives and new zero emission technologies thanks to their vast expertise in the inner city delivery market for NEVs.

Samra pointed out that, in addition to the medium- to heavy-duty EV trucks used for transportation, plans were underway to co-develop the new and conversion vehicle markets using the Company’s proprietary drive system and robust Li-Ion battery packs.

President and Founder of ECCR, James Middlebrooks, was happy to showcase BLQN’s “extensively tested and successfully commercialized zero emissions technology for heavy-duty vehicles”, noting that he anticipated rapid uptake of the new technology by the Costa Rican market, which already has a vibrant, environmentally-conscious base of customers.

Ranked first among the Americas and third worldwide, according to the 2010 Environmental Performance Index, Costa Rica made the bold announcement in 2007 to seek the brass ring of carbon neutrality by 2021. Costa Rica is also:

•             Ranked first-based on the Happy Planet Index as the greenest country in the world, according to the New Economics Foundation

•             The fourth largest high tech exporter, according to Summa Magazine (2009), due to its high volume of proprietary manufacturing sales

ECCR is the third international dealer agreement signed by BLQN since the inception of the 2010 signing with Argentinean material handling equipment distributor Autoelevadores Yale, in February, and Columbian utility truck/heavy machinery distributor Industrias IVOR, in March.