One company that is starting to leave its mark on the market is the Balqon Corporation. Located in California, Balqon has grown into a leading developer of heavy duty electric trucks, tractors, and electric drive systems. Today, the young company announced that they have successfully completed cold weather testing on its lithium-ion battery powered electric tractor, the Nautilus XE20.

The Nautilus XE20 is a state-of-the-art electric tractor that is designed for off-highway container or semi-trailer “spotting” applications. The unique vehicle is designed to travel at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and capable of towing loads of up to 40 tons.

When asked about the successful completion of the Nautilus XU20, Balwinder Samra who serves as the Balqon’s President and CEO was quoted as saying, “Our demonstration of the performance of the Nautilus XE20 in actual warehouse applications at temperatures below 10°F under loads exceeding 25 tons validates our belief that the durability, range and performance of our heavy-duty electric vehicles would not be diminished due to the effects of cold weather. We believe that the four weeks of successful testing validates the Nautilus XE20 as a viable alternative to diesel fuel powered vehicles in cold weather conditions. Based upon the fuel cost data we recorded, we also believe that Balqon’s heavy-duty electric vehicles will provide significant fuel cost savings as compared to diesel fuel powered heavy-duty vehicles that must remain idle all day in cold weather conditions to prevent fuel line freeze-up.”

The Nautilus XE20 has been designed, integrated, and built in cooperation with Autocar Truck and their Xspotter yard tractor team. Headquartered in Indiana, Autocar is an assembly sales and service company with their mission placed on severe service heavy duty trucks. When asked about Autocar’s role with the Nautilus XE20, Eric Schwartz who serves as their Vice President of Specialty Vehicle Business stated, “Supported by Autocar locations coast to coast in US and Canada, we believe that the Nautilus XE20 is truly a commercially viable zero emissions alternative to traditional diesel powered yard tractors currently in use in warehouse distribution centers, marine terminals, intermodal facilities, industrial plants and railyards.”

Balqon and Autocar appear to be a winning pair and there is no question that Balqon is a company on the move. Currently, Balqon is trading in the $0.85 range and appears to have a great deal of promise.

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