Baltimore Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti apologized for not demanding the graphic video of former star running back Ray Rice knocking out then-fiancée Janay Palmer, Reuters reported Monday. He said it "never crossed my mind" and that he was "deeply sorry."

"There is no excuse for me to have not demanded that video except I wasn't concerned or interested enough to demand it, never crossed my mind," Bisciotti, 54, said. "I'm sorry for that, deeply sorry for that." If it would have occurred to him to see the video, he said he would have forwarded it to the National Football League.

Also Monday, the Baltimore Ravens released a statement after ESPN ran a story Friday about the team's apparent actions after former running back Ray Rice assaulted the woman who ultimately became his wife. ESPN said there was “purposeful misdirection by the team,” but the Baltimore Ravens maintain the “Outside The Lines” article contained “numerous inaccuracies.” To be transparent with fans and ticket holders, the team released the lengthy statement on its official website.

The team cut Rice two weeks ago after TMZ leaked a second video of the February assault at an Atlantic City hotel. The new clip showed the former running knocking Palmer unconscious in an elevator. The first video just showed the aftermath of Rice dragging her out of the elevator. Rice is appealing his indefinite suspension with the NFL. 

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