Before Blink-182's replacement, My Chemical Romance, took the stage at Bamboozle 2012, Asbury Park was treated to the musical stylings of Jimmy Eat World.

Hearing Jimmy Eat World perform for the first time, it was difficult to tell recordings from the live music. Lead singer Jim Adkins voice was so clear and on point, it's amazing to see that in a time when music gets so much help from technology, Jimmy Eat World is no need of any of it.

The band played Praise Chorus, Sweetness, Work, Pain and The Middle.

Following Jimmy Eat World was My Chemical Romance, who clearly faced a tough challenge filling in for Blink-182. Having nowhere near the amount of history and hits as the trio, My Chemical Romance did take the stage with a bang.

Probably the most surprising thing about their appearance on stage was the departure of lead singer Gerard Way's gothic look. Way was formerly known for his black attire, eyeliner and black or colorful hair. When he stepped out onto the Main Stage on Saturday night, his look was the furthest than what fans expected. Way was rocking a brown button up shirt and brown hair (although it was disheveled).

The band sang Mama, Teenagers, Famous Last Words and Black Parade.

While lots of people playing air guitars to My Chemical Romance could be seen in the crowd, the folks wearing Blink-182 shirts greatly outweighed the My Chemical Romance shirts.

If there was disappointment in the crowd over the lineup change, which was announced last week, Way and the rest of the band didn't seem to notice.

It's nice to be home, Way, a Jersey City, N.J., native, said to the crowd.