Bamboozle was overflowing for Day 1 on Friday night, but the crowds were nothing compared to Day 2 on Saturday.

The lawn across from the historic Asbury Park Conventional Hall was packed by 3 P.M. with Bamboozlers who baked in the hot sun while waiting for the Motion City Soundtrack set at 3:25.

Motion City Soundtrack are no strangers to Asbury Park. The band played the New Jersey beach town back in the day when the Bamboozle Festival was known as the Skate and Surf Festival.

On Day 2 the band wasn't playing just one set at the Zumiez stage, but two. Motion City Soundtrack was to perform on the same stage at 9:30 P.M. that evening.

At almost 3:40 the band finally waltzed out on the stage to the impatient crowd.

We're motion City Soundtrack! Thanks for being here, lead singer Justin Pierrre yelled into the mic.

One anxious fan yelled Let's get f***ed up and die, but the band wasn't ready to perform their popular hit just yet.

Channeling Edward Cullen with his disheveled spiky hair, Pierre and the rest of the band jumped into Skin & Bones.

Frisbees skyrocketed towards the stage as a girl in lime green leggings repeatedly crowd surfed, each time getting pulled to safety by the (somehow) patient festival staff.

Motion City Soundtrack played crowd favorites Attractive Today, This Is For Real, My Favorite Accident and of course, Let's Get F***ed Up And Die.

It's motha f***in' Bamboozle Bitches, Pierre yelled in the crowd, and indeed it was.