Inside Convention Hall at the Temple of Boozle, an intimate crowd gathered to see Trace Cyrus' relatively new band, Ashland High.

The girls flocking to the indoor stage were decked out in Cyrus' clothing line, Southern Made Hollywood Paid, all beaming at the chance to see the former Metro Station member perform.

Like a true rock star, Cyrus ran out on stage to a crowd of screaming females, yelling Check, Let's do this sh*t. With the auditorium of the Convention Hall dark, and the stage lights in full swing, the band jumped into Overload, off of Geronimo. Although technical difficulty proved a bit challenging at the beginning, the band quickly found their groove.

Playing through a couple songs from Geronimo, like Shadows, Sippin on Sunshine, and Jealous Lover, Cyrus eventually stripped off his jacket, mock throwing it into the crowd who had their hands up in anticipation.

Every time Trace Cyrus yelled scream, the crowd answered, and when he lifted up his shirt to reveal his fully tattooed chest, the roar from the mob were almost deafening.

Before his set, I had a chance to sit down with Trace Cyrus at his merch table for Southern Made Hollywood Paid (SMHP). Walking past the table all three days of the festival, the tent seemed to have a constant swarm of fans hoping to catch a glimpse, and maybe even photo or autograph from the singer.

While a line formed to meet Cyrus, he took some time to talk about Ashland High and his SMHP clothing line.

In a time where everything seems to have a price tag on it, Cyrus has the Ashland High album, Geronimo, available for free download on the bands website As he told Bamboozlers at his set, I'm sick of being told what the f*ck to do.

Cyrus sites the success of his former band, Metro Station, as one of the influences for making the album available to fans free of charge. We sold over 400,000 copies of 'Shake It', he says of Metro Station's hit 2008 track. It was something to give back to the fans for all they've given to me.

Cryus' respect for fans is evident outside of the free download. Throughout his set he interacted with the crowd, continuously reaching out to grab their eager hands. The singer also made numerous appearances at the SMHP tent to sign autographs and take pictures.

I've been doing the clothing line since Metro Station started, Cyrus says of SMHP. I had designs and stuff, I just never had time to focus on it. The end of Metro Station spawned the rise in Cyrus' involvement with SMHP.

Teaming up with Jonny Smith from Kill Brand, Cyrus was able to put together SMHP. It's something I have fun with, explains the singer. I take music so seriously, and it's competitive. I want to sell records and I want to play arenas. This is just something I do to be creative.

On the Kill Brand site, Trace Cyrus, his sister Miley Cyrus, and fiancé Brenda Song can all be seen modeling the designs. The clothing line features men's and women's tee-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, backpacks, sunglasses and more.

As for Cyrus' favorite SMHP design? I like my 'High As Fvck' design. I wear that one a lot. It's probably my favorite one.