Facebook paperwork filed on Feb. 1st points out the potential revenue source within mobile and we can begin seeing ads as early as the beginning of March.  Speculation is raised into advertisers linking within Facebook as opposed to directing mobile users out of the application.

Gizmodo contributor says we can, Expect huge outcry from Facebook users, swiftly followed by bitter resignation which slowly morphs into ambivalence.  How users react to monetization within the application is to be seen as well as competitive reaction.  Social competitor Twitter took an extended amount of time before introducing its Promoted products, which were applauded by it's users as non-intrusive.

Wether the Facebook mobile community of users will accept the new ads is yet to be seen and dependent upon how it is implemented.  Social Media companies will keep note on this topic as it impacts it's clients and users.  We'll keep our eye out for the update to app within our mobile devices and be certain to follow this closely.