The Bank of England said it received offers totalling 2.43 times the 1.7 billion pounds' worth of gilts with a maturity of more than 25 years it offered to buy on Tuesday.

The Bank said investors offered it some 4.135 billion pounds of gilts. Last time the Bank purchased bonds of the same maturities, on January 10, it received offers totalling 2.02 times the amount it proposed.

The bulk of the Bank's purchase were concentrated on the 4.5 percent 2042 gilt and the 4.25 percent 2055 gilt.

The Bank said at the start of October it would buy 75 billion pounds of assets with newly created money over the following four months in response to a darkened economic outlook.

It bought 200 billion pounds of assets, mostly gilts, in a first round of quantitative easing between March 2009 and February 2010.

(Reporting by David Milliken)