The big news this morning is Bank of America (BAC) is going to pay back the TARP money. This news is significant only because we will use it to gauge action in the market. If BAC can hold above 16 in today's trading, it is highly likely we will see the market break above the upper range. A break of the downtrend of GS will always lead to significant strength in the market. AAPL has been weak very recently, but was upgraded this morning, a scenario that has yielded profits short early. POT had a nice breakout of its pivot yesterday. There are some little guys that have popped up on filters that have provided some good trading, such as FEED and AONE. Yesterday we got out of our macro tier in Gold and looked to nibble short. Although it didn't work yesterday, we are still going to focus on a short. Everyone is talking about GLD long but it looks extended, both indicators of a short term reversal.