Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has recently posted a “Sex Tape Kickstarter” video via the comedy website Funny or Die.

In the video, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend pleads for her fans to raise $10,000 in donations so that she could make the sex tape a reality.

The video, which is obviously a spoof, was posted to, and shows the 27-year-old model being quite modest while requesting the funds and describing what exactly the tape would entail.

“My name is Bar. I’m a model and actress, but I’ve never realized my true dream,” she says on the fake page. “I want to do it with some dude and film it and have people watch it. Please help.”

The current love interest of extreme athlete Shaun White claims the cash is needed to help purchase HD equipment to film the scene. A $1,000 donation puts the benefactor — guy or girl — in the running to be her co-star.

“I know what you’re thinking, who would want to watch that?” Refaeli says glumly in the Funny or Die skit as her Kickstarter page is shown inundated with donations.

As she pretends not to notice, a slew of men appear in the background banging on the window behind her as the tally is displayed on screen-right and reaches millions of dollars (not really.)

Check below to see Bar Refaeli beg you to give her money to produce a sex tape.


Bar Refaeli Sex Tape Kickstarter