As part of his state visit to Britain, US President Barack Obama teamed up with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday to honor and support soldiers from both the nations.

The BBQ was held in the garden of 10 Downing Street, in central London, where both the leaders took it upon themselves to serve food to their guests.

Joining in their efforts were the first ladies, Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron who also offered a helping hand by serving to the brave troops. The BBQ session offered some fun and light relief after the intense discussions the same morning where issues like the as military campaigns in Libya and Afghanistan and global economic reform were discussed.

The Downing Street BBQ menu offered a list of sumptuous food that catered to the tastes of both the nations including British sausages, Hamburgers, Hot Jersey Royal potatoes and Caesar salad.

Following the event, both the leaders attended a press conference to emphasize on the special relationship between the two countries.

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