Barbara Walter voiced her disappointment with Lindsay Lohan this morning on “The View,” after the "Liz & Dick" star reportedly ditched her for an interview with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."

According to a report by Deadline Hollywood, Lohan decided against sitting down with Walters because the actress' new PR team was unhappy with the direction of the piece.

Not long after the decision was announced, NBC released "The Tonight Show" listings, which included an upcoming appearance by Lindsay on November 20.

On Monday’s edition of “The View,” Walters said that after putting in a lot of work - including a set visit over the summer to the Lifetime "Liz & Dick" production - she wished she had been let down easier.

"If they'd said to me, 'She isn't up for the kind of questions you might ask'… if they had told me that, I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today," Walters said.

"I wish Lindsay the best," she continued. "We would have done a wonderful interview. I hope she feels well. As far Jay goes, I love Jay, more power to him."

Walters, also a contributor to ABC News, went on to show ootage shot over the summer on the Lifetime production of “Liz & Dick.”

In the clip, Lindsay, dressed as Elizabeth Taylor, addressed the incident where paramedics were called to her hotel room while she was sleeping.

"I think I was just honestly tired. I needed a nap for 15 minutes and then there were seven paramedics in a room so imagine how I felt," Lindsay told Barbara at the time, referring to reports she was found unconscious back in June.

Lindsay also took to Twitter after the incident, writing "Note to self.. After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion & 7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door… Hopefully they're cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down."