It took 77 minutes, but Barcelona got on the board thanks to superstar Lionel Messi. Barcelona got what it wanted on it's trip to Valencia: a road victory.

What escaped the Catalans against Arsenal last week at Emirates Stadium, didn't elude them tonight. Barcelona desperately needed a late goal against the Gunners in the first leg of the Champions League, but couldn't pull it off.

Tonight's La Liga victory eases the blow a bit, but the Catalans still have Arsenal on their mind when the two clubs face off on March 8 at Nou Camp.

The goal by Messi was a fine one, as usual. The Argentine striker took a left-fooded shot off the assist from Adriano, and slipped it past Vicente Panadero.

That's all Barcelona needed as they hung on for the victory.

Playing at home, Valencia didn't seem intimidated by last year's La Liga champions, but couldn't muster enough quality goal-scoring opportunities to avoid Jose Manuel Pinto's clean sheet.

Real Madrid remains in second place in La Liga, but Barcelona doesn't seem like they're interested in giving up the lead anytime soon.