European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso delivered a clear message to Antonis Samaras, the leader of Greece's New Democracy party which is part of the unity government, asking him to stop playing political games as Samaras still rejects that Greece has to provide a written pledge for adopting austerity measures as a clause to receiving the next disbarment as well as any other future aids from international lenders.

The comments were given yesterday during the meeting that took place between Barroso and Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

Barroso said what we have to do now is to concentrate on implementation -- less politics and more commitment. It's not just a sprint; it's a marathon, referring that the current difficult situation does allow for any political games.

He also clarified that the main purpose of the written pledge is to be sure that this is for a sustainable effort, while EU President Herman Van Rompuy urged all Greek political leaders to fully back this strategy.