BART officials shut down two San Francisco stations on Monday night, while San Francisco police arrested 40 people during another OPBart protest.

Anonymous and other groups took part in the peaceful protest outside of the Civic Center station. The majoirty of the 40 people arrested were held by the police on suspicion of failing to disperse upon command of a traffic officer.

Anonymous members and supporters took to Twitter and other social media platforms to voice disgust over the large amount of police officers dressed in riot gear and BART's decision to close the stations.

For such a fun & peaceful demonstration, we are absolutely stunned by the size and show of force by police. #opBART, AnonyOps tweeted on Monday night.

The OPBart was organized to protest the killing of Charles Hill, a San Francisco homeless man, who was shot and killed by BART officials after allegedly brandishing a knife.

After the killing, Anonymous organized a BART protest that led to BART officials shutting down cell phone services on train platforms. This infuriated Anonymous and led one rogue Anonymous hacker, identified as lamaline_5mg, to hack the BART Web site and disseminate information on BART officials, including home addresses and phone numbers.

This led to the two OPBart protests in front of the Civic Center that caused arrests, annoyed BART commuters, and six station shutdowns.

 After the SFPD arrested 40 people on Monday, Anonymous vowed to continue to protest in front of the Civic Center every Monday until a change is made. Further, AnonyOps, one of the primary sources for OPBart on Twitter, speculated that even more could be in the works.

We will be going mostly srs businss this week, the account tweeted. Something huge in the works.