So, we all know that I love sports, and my earliest years as a baseball fan were spent basking in the glorious glow of the Big Red Machine, and who can forget the wire-to-wire Reds of 1990? Truly, the Reds have given me more pleasant memories than my beloved Bengals. Well, one of the things I truly cherish was listening to the 1990 Reds win the World Series on the radio, called by hall-of-famer Marty Brenneman and Joe Nuxhall. Well, it turns out that some people are not getting the same chance with this year's playoffs thanks to Akamai .

According to this article, the audio feed isn't faring too well. Turns out that Eric Savitz (a Phillie fanatic) was listening to yesterday's first game of the series between the Phils and the Colorado Rockies and he lost the audio feed more than a dozen times in the first 6 innings. Savitz's review of AKAM's feed is less than stellar, and the stock isn't doing much better today, dropping more than 3%.