As severe weather grew more intense in the Midwest across Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas, baseball-size pieces of hail pelted the region, driving anybody who had not already found shelter indoors to seek cover.

A tornado has touched down in Kansas, according to Fox News, and residents across the region are being warned  to brace themselves for life threatening storms.

The National Weather Service reported that a rain-wrapped tornado landed in southwestern Kansas on Saturday afternoon. It has warned residents that tornadoes may move rapidly across the plains overnight.

No injuries have been reported so far, but heavy winds have knocked over trees and uprooted fences, while intense hail has torn the siding off of a number of homes. Forecasters are predicting worsening weather in the coming hours across a large area from Minnesota to Texas.

In Nebraska, Boone County Sheriff David Spiegel told Fox News that the baseball-size hail had broken windows and damaged vehicles.

WATCH: A man risks his life walking through a baseball-size hailstorm in Woodward, Okla.