WARNING: “Bates Motel” spoilers ahead!

The jaw-dropping moments on “Bates Motel” just won’t stop. Season 2 of the A&E series has taken viewers on a wild ride, introducing incest, rogue drug lords and intense acts of revenge. But nothing will prepare fans for what’s going to happen next. The synopsis and promo video for episode 8 have leaked online, and it’s definitely one episode you won’t want to miss.

Episode 7, “Presumed Innocent,” found Norman being brought in for questioning about his involvement in the death of Cody’s father. Norman insisted that he pushed the man in self-defense, and a thorough police investigation confirmed that but Norma wasn’t so certain due to his history of blackout violence. Her doubt put a strain on their relationship, much like Dylan’s work relationship with Zane.

Dylan tried his best to follow Jody’s orders to keep an eye on her reckless brother, but Zane quickly figured out Dylan’s plan. Inviting him along for a “job,” Zane knocked Dylan unconscious when he refused to participate in raiding Nick Ford’s warehouse.

The real “OMG” moment came at the end of the episode, when Sheriff Romero got a call from his deputy. Going against Romero’s wishes, the deputy entered Norman’s DNA samples into the computer … and discovered a match. In the biggest shocker of the season, Norman’s DNA samples matched the unidentified semen sample found inside Miss Watson at the time of her death.

So, where does that leave “Bates Motel” fans in episode 8? Romero might have shown a soft spot for Norman in “Presumed Innocent,” but “Meltdown” will find the sheriff digging deeper into the murder of Miss Watson.

“Norman, why are you lying to me?” Romero says to Norman, confronting him in the promo video. Norman’s not ready to face the music. As the teen runs away, Romero calls after him, “This isn’t just going to go away.”

That sounds like something Romero should really be saying to Norma. Despite Norman’s latest incident, Norma refuses to tell her son the truth about his blackouts.

Meanwhile, Ford will find himself getting even further entangled with the Bates family. The promo video shows him meeting with Dylan about taking someone out, but whether it’s about Zane or Norman is up in the air.

Episode 8, “Meltdown,” will air on A&E on April 21 at 10 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen on “Bates Motel”? Watch the promo video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. For more “Bates Motel” and other TV Scoop follow @AmandaTVScoop