Season 1 of A&E’s new series, “Bates Motel,” ended with Norman’s teacher, Miss Watson, dead on the floor of her room. The mystery surrounding the murder of the young teacher (although there seems to be a neon light flashing above Norman’s head) has stuck with fans throughout the summer and fall, but viewers can rest assured that her death won’t be forgotten when season 2 premieres.

Entertainment Weekly got their hands on a new still from the upcoming season and it provides a couple of spoilers regarding season 2 drama.

The photo shows the entire Bates family -- Norma, Norman and Norman’s half-brother, Dylan -- with grave faces as they stand in the rain. While Dylan and Norma remain sheltered by an umbrella, Norman stands a little further away … drenched to the bone like the night of the school dance when Miss Watson picked him up. According to text on the bottom of the photo, the family is attending “poor Miss Watson’s funeral.”

“Who knows who killed her?” Norman Bates’ Freddie Highmore teased EW.

[The photo can be found in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly or on DreadCentral.com.]

As we previously reported, Miss Watson’s or “B’s” death will be “present” at the start of season 2 and will even draw in a new character -- “Grey’s Anatomy” serial killer Michael O’Neill. O’Neill will be joining the series in a recurring role as Nick, the father of Miss Watson. TV Line reports that Nick is grieving the loss of his daughter and wants to “exact revenge on the perp responsible.” He’s described as a smart and “potentially ruthless charmer.”

Nick isn’t the only new face to show up in White Pine Bay. Check out a list of characters joining “Bates Motel” for its second season:

Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) – Norma’s first female friend, a member of White Pine Bay’s upper circle.

Caleb (Kenny Johnson) Norma’s estranged brother who used to sexually assault her. Caleb will be showing up in town to hook Norma into a business venture.

George (Michael Vartan) – A charming divorcé who catches the attention of Norma.

Zane Carpenter (Michael Eklund) – An “upper-level player” in Dylan’s drug family.

Cody Brennan (Paloma Kwiatkowski) – A party girl who befriends Norman and shows him how to have fun and “act out.”

Nick (Michael O’Neill) – The father of deceased Miss Watson who is seeking revenge against her killer.

Jodi (Kathleen Robertson) A smart and sexy businesswoman and artist.

Season 2 of “Bates Motel” premieres in March 2014.