A denial of service attack caused issues Tuesday for Visceral Games’ “Battlefield Hardline,” which reached the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC the same day. When the problem hit on Tuesday night, publisher Electronic Arts wasn’t sure what exactly was causing the connectivity error for Xbox One owners.




Early Wednesday morning, the game’s Twitter account confirmed the disruption was due to an attack. No one has claimed responsibility for the incident.




Despite the problem for Xbox One users, Tuesday’s launch of the title seemed to go smoothly, unlike the release of the last franchise entry from EA DICE, “Battlefield 4.”

The first-person shooter reached players in October of 2013 and experienced glitches and bugs for months. EA DICE launched a number of updates for “Battlefield 4,” but many players still complained that the game was broken, citing countless issues and problems. “Battlefield 4” experienced major technical issues and crashes across all platforms.

The release date of “Battlefield Hardline” was originally scheduled for Oct. 21 of last year, but EA DICE delayed the launch until March 17 to implement feedback given during the game’s public beta in February.