BBC presenter Susanna Reid is drawing a lot of flak from Twitter users for her Wednesday interview with British band Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner, because a number of people believe she was trying to flirt with the singer who is 15 years her junior.

The 42-year-old, who presents BBC Breakfast with Bill Turnbull from Monday through Wednesday, was interviewing Turner about the band’s new album, AM, and raised eyebrows when she suddenly said that he would look good on the dance floor.

“When I said I was interviewing you, people did say, ‘would he do Strictly (Come Dancing)?’ because they bet that you look good on the dance floor.”

Turner, 27, replied: “Of course... I should have been the one that said you look good on the dance floor,” to which Reid said, “Except that I’m not sure that would be accurate. I look a bit of a mess on the dance floor.”

Turner replied saying he doubted that, and this exchange had a number of Twitter users saying it was the flirtiest they had ever seen. The fact that she was constantly playing with her hair has not helped matters much for Reid.

“The BBC Breakfast interview with Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner is the flirtiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Julian West, a user of the microblogging site, wrote. “Felt like quietly tiptoeing out of the room.”

Matthew Thomson, another viewer of BBC Breakfast, noted that there was a lot of sexual tension between the two.

But a source associated with the show quashed claims that Reid was trying to flirt with Turner saying she was just being friendly, and that it was just her interview style.

“Her style can be light and very friendly but to say she flirted is a little over the top,” the source told Mirror.

"She was just trying to get the best out of Alex in an informal setting. She is always a complete professional, they got on well but that is all there is to it.”