A British MP has alleged that a BBC sex education video meant for children aged nine to 11 has explicit content, similar to a “blue movie.”


Andrea Leadsom. Photo Credit: www.andrealeadsom.com

Andrea Leadsom of UK’s Conservative Party watched the video after some parents contacted her with their concern over the film that allegedly shows
graphics of a naked couple having sexual intercourse.

I was embarrassed when I watched. This material is explicit. It is shattering the innocence of childhood. It was like a blue movie,” she said.

According to MP Leadsom, the footage shows fine details of sexual intercourse that has vexed parents of the children who have already watched it. She also called it “bizarre” to show a real naked man and woman to educate children as young as nine about puberty.

BBC Active stood by its film saying that the interactive “Sex and Relationship Education” CD-Rom aims to educate children about sex, puberty, sexual reproduction and birth, feelings, friendship and family. It said that the graphics were suitable for children aged nine to 11.

All our resources provide clear guidance on age suitability. They are designed to allow teachers to pick and choose the elements they feel are appropriate, it was quoted as saying in the British media.

The description about the CD-Rom on BBC Active’s official site reads: “Carefully chosen contents provide children to reflect on topics in a sensitive and supported way, as well as making a difficult topic easier to teach.”

Additionally, it teaches children how to deal with important issues such as internet safety.


BBC Active sex education topics. Photo Credit: BBC Active

Photo Credit: BBC Active

To be a part of the cause to save children from accessing adult materials online, Leadsom joined a cross-party group of MPs in August 2011 to support a campaign encouraging Internet Service Providers to restrict universal access to pornographic material.

Parents are understandably worried about the ease with which their children can view pornographic content on the Internet. We are calling on British Internet Service Providers to share the responsibility of keeping our children safe online and on Ministers to regulate if the industry fails to come up with a solution, she said.

While Education minister Nick Gibb has taken up Leadsom's claims about the sex education video as a “serious concern,” promising probe into the matter, the MP is calling for children’s sex education films to be given age ratings.