The BCS as we know it is dead.

Sure we've known for some time that the Bowl Championship Series would likely bite the dust when conferences began discussing a playoff system, but it wasn't known until Tuesday that the name BCS would also be on its way out.

CBS Sports reported that the 14-year label will disappear once a playoff structure is finalized. The reason behind the decision to dump the BCS is that it has too negative of a connotation for a new system that should appease college football fans.

The BCS was hated by many of college football's most ardent fans, including spawning a book entitled Death to the BCS by Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel.

A new name has yet to be decided for the college football playoff system, but will likely be determined once the major powers decide on the type of playoff they want. The 11 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick are meeting in Chicago on Wednesday to discuss a playoff and there is a growing belief that a consensus decision could be reached soon.

I have some hope and a certain level of confidence, ACC commissioner John Swofford told ESPN. When we left Florida, that was a big step to have a consensus in the room to go to a three-game, four-team playoff. I said the devil was in the details and that would be just as challenging. We're finding that to be true, but I think a lot of people have put their heads into this. I think we've made considerable progress on it. I think we're within striking distance on most of it.