Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, prized for their comprehensive solutions to the ever-changing demands of today’s high performance Information Technology Systems (ITS) infrastructures, reported the request of new ITS infrastructure engagements from two of the Company’s existing Fortune 100 clients, engagements which represent some $1.2M in revenue.

One of BEAC’s top pharmaceutical clients, a Fortune 500 company with whom Beacon has continued to win multiple incremental ITS projects, learning the facilities inside and out and becoming the client’s de facto standard so as to ensure compliance, is the first engagement. This first engagement is expected to bring in some $900k in revenue and will consist primarily of standards-compliant fiber and backbone cable installation as part of a larger push to build-out a telecommunications hub located in a room at one of the client’s facilities.

In conjunction with this first engagement, BEAC is being tasked with the analysis and documentation of over 30 other client sites in the US and around the world, typically leading to additional projects that should represent a multiple of five-to-six times the $900k figure cited above for the current project.

The second engagement with the Company’s national grocery store chain client is projected to bring in some $300k over the next 90 days and will be a multi-phase prototype project. Phase 1 will serve as a modeling run for provisioning a wide range of ITS design and construction-related services in preparation for Phase 2, which will consist of the roll out of infrastructure at roughly 100 retail locations, as BEAC’s Construction Management team oversees handling the specs/logistics required for circuitous execution of time and material requirements.

Beacon will also provide post-installation services such as managing cable infrastructure changes, drawing updates and handling removal of deprecated hardware and cabling. This second engagement is anticipated to lead to similar engagements via the client’s other locations which number in excess of 2k.

President and COO of BEAC, Jerry Bowman, cited these new engagements as a glowing endorsement of the Company’s robust technology-based solutions capability and serves as a clear indicator of the respect the Company has earned among corporations who have come to value BEAC’s national/global ITS services. Bowman explained how these clients have been with beacon for multiple years, but the selection of BEAC for the latest engagements goes far beyond the Company’s mastery of the client’s infrastructural requirements and is attributable in large part to the Company’s continued innovation.

Chairman and CEO of BEAC, Bruce Widener, echoed his colleague’s sentiments and underscored the significance of these engagements for future profitability, as historically such pilot runs lead to much larger and more substantial franchise-wide roll outs. Widener called this announcement validation for the Company’s sales strategy which emphasizes larger clients that have the capacity and size to keep sending BEAC more work as the business grows.

Bowman concluded by detailing the Company’s ongoing and aggressive pursuit of contract relationships with several other large clients expected to be announced in the next 90 days, offering shareholders a very good outlook despite sector-wide scale backs due to tighter spending practices in IT/ITS during a slow global economic recovery.

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