Today, Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc., an emerging global leader of high performance Information Transport Systems (“ITS”) infrastructure solutions, announced that it has expanded its relationship with an existing Fortune 100 pharmaceutical client to provide ITS infrastructure documentation, design, installation and ongoing management services. Valued at approximately $27 million, the engagement will initially focus on Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Later it will expand to include 31 additional European, Middle Eastern, and African nations. The engagement follows other pre-existing projects that Beacon currently manages for this client.

Beacon will conduct ITS infrastructure assessments and prepare complete documentation of all of the pharmaceutical company’s foreign facilities, encompassing more than 450 buildings. Additionally, the company will provide ongoing managed ITS infrastructure services using Beacon’s I(3)MAC infrastructure management platform.

The company has commenced the initial phase of the engagement. It involves site visits, assessments and documentation of each of the client’s buildings. Beacon anticipates hiring approximately 30 people in Europe, and calling up current Beacon employees based in Zurich, Switzerland to complete this phase of the agreement.

Bruce Widener, CEO of Beacon Enterprise Solutions, said, “This engagement represents an extremely important step in our growth plan. Throughout our long relationship with this client, we have become increasingly involved in the company’s ITS infrastructure design and support structure. We are pleased to have been recognized by this multinational organization for the work that we have already accomplished, and to have received another vote of confidence for the expansion of our global portfolio.”

Rick Mills, President of Beacon Enterprise Solutions, added, “We are pleased to have expanded our relationship with this Fortune 100 pharmaceutical client, as it is not only a strong seal of approval for our capabilities but it also brings with it a strong recurring revenue stream that will contribute to profitability in the near future. In addition to our work with their existing facilities, Beacon will also be utilized to work with their potential acquisitions in these geographical areas that may occur during the term of the engagement. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with this client and to fulfilling their continuing needs.”