Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc., a leader in advanced IT solutions, announced the opening of three new markets for its IT infrastructure management services.

Beacon’s three new locations include: Rochester, NY; Raritan, NJ; and Lexington, KY. The new locations will employ approximately 15 people by July. At this time, Beacon’s employees and certified contractors service approximately 85% of the US marketplace.

“The addition of these three new markets has increased our current tally of permanently staffed domestic locations to six, as we quickly approach our previously stated projection of 12 locations across North America by the end of 2009,” said Bruce Widener, Chief Executive Officer. “This rapid expansion is driven by the significant demand we have experienced for Beacon’s fully-integrated suite of IT infrastructure management solutions, with mid-sized enterprises and Fortune 500 companies experiencing significant pressure to streamline their technologies, improve efficiencies and cut costly internal IT departments amidst the global recession.”

Beacon Enterprise Solutions has jump-started aggressive initiatives and signed a string of new service agreements with some of the largest companies in the world. With its strong financial standing, Beacon aims to significantly increase revenue in 2009 by expanding current client relationships and gaining new contracts over the coming weeks and months.