Kodiak Energy, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is an oil and gas exploration and development company focused on developing and exploring onshore oil, gas and CO2 properties within North America. The company’s main prospects are “Little Chicago” located in the N.W.T. and “Sofia” located in northeast New Mexico.

Little Chicago’s dimensions are approximately 22 kilometers x 37 kilometers (13.7 miles x 23 miles). To date, 13 shallow drill targets have been identified, 3 secondary medium depth targets have been identified, and substantial closure, excellent source and reservoir characterizes have been observed.

The Sofia prospect is comprised of 53,687 acres, which were obtained through the acquisition of Thunder River. Kodiak Energy drilled and cased 3 wells in 2008 and completed a 35 mile, 2D high resolution seismic program. There’s potential for new oil and gas and helium on the project properties.

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