Amico Games is a subscriber-based developer of interactive gaming which leverages Java™ technology and China’s 3G network infrastructure to deliver some of the hottest massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) and online games available.

With a registered user base exceeding 29M, AMCG is an established player in the Chinese gaming space. The Company pioneered some of the earliest mobile phone games, partnering with major industry player Nokia to offer interactive gaming over China Mobile’s WAP platform.

The MMORPG sector is arguably the most exciting area of online gaming as it attracts long-term customer relationships. Users pay a recurring monthly fee and in return have access to a persistent, multi-user, interactive virtual environment which delivers the best of social networking and gaming experiences in one package.

China is the biggest mobile telecom market on earth, with roughly three times the number of mobile users as Internet users (720M in 2009). This is an amazingly vast market for a company like AMCG to tap into and they have proven the ability to captivate customers in this space by developing engaging gaming experiences ranging from standard RPGs to MMORPGs, many of which incorporate dominant themes and locations straight out of China’s rich history.

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