AlphaRx, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company that applies proprietary drug delivery technologies to reformulate FDA approved drugs to achieve improved efficacy and patient compliance. AlphaRx’s main goal is to become prominent in the development of effective medicines and drug delivery.

By having an acceptable delivery method, they can in turn improve the effectiveness of existing pharmaceuticals and new chemical entities that have exhibited poor absorption due to poor solubility. Several major pharmaceutical products with combined worldwide sales of over $10 billion have been identified as potential candidates for their proprietary drug delivery systems.

The utmost care is given to the creation of these carriers. Its components are FDA classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe), thus cutting down on approval times and costs. The effectiveness of these carriers can be seen not only in their flexibility, but also in their ability to be modified for application to a variety of drugs and therapeutic products. With advantages such as; lower dosing, fewer side effects and alternative dosage forms, AlphaRx’s drug delivery technology is truly a breakthrough.