American Lithium Minerals, Inc. is a mineral exploration firm with US lithium production on lock-down, having 100% rights to 16k acres in Nevada’s lithium-saturated Montezuma Valley brine deposits. AMLM was formed to meet the explosive domestic and global demand for lithium to fuel lithium-ion batteries/cells (Li-Ion), and is in a prime position to capitalize on this market – a position hedged by the over $780B in US Government funding for this ecologically forward technology.

Preliminary analysis indicates some 700M kg of lithium in the valley, making it the second largest global deposit behind Chile. However, the Chilean deposits have high manganese content, where the Nevada deposits do not, so they are therefore able to be self-sustaining from a profit standpoint without the typically required capital influx from trace minerals like tin and others. More importantly the low manganese content translates directly into lower recovery-cost overhead, making production cheaper and more efficient.

Li-ion technology is the vehicle that will potentially drive AMLM to becoming the premier emerging mining company as more hybrids roll off the world’s assembly lines with these batteries, which already comprise 60% of all cell phone and 90% of all laptop power sources. They will also be widely produced and utilized by global hybrid vehicle manufacturers – with BMW, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, GM, Ford and Chrysler all ramping up ongoing programs.

The projected growth rate of demand for lithium fueled batteries is 20% per year (USGS data) on a $4B and rapidly growing global market, with lithium as a whole showing 5% growth and having applications in everything from spacecraft CO2 scrubbers to advanced ceramics manufacturing.

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