China Energy Recovery Inc. is an international leader in energy recovery systems, with a primary focus on the Chinese market. Headquartered in Shanghai, the Company designs, fabricates, implements, and services energy recovery systems. Their technology captures industrial waste energy to produce low cost electrical power. Their system can capture and reuse over 90 percent of the energy that would otherwise be lost. This allows manufacturers to reduce their energy costs, lessen their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits.

China Energy Recovery Inc. focuses their efforts on the petrochemical, paper manufacturing, coke processing, steel, cement, and refining/power generation industries. Their systems aid in reducing sulfur dioxide emissions. The Company is responsible for successfully installing one hundred energy recovery systems in China and internationally. Their systems are in Egypt, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia. They intend to expand their marketing to customers in North America and Europe.

The Company has made a commitment to continue investment in Research and Development. Their corporate plan is to build China's first modern energy-recovery system research and fabrication facility. This is to allow them to meet the increased demand for their goods and services. China Energy Recovery Inc.'s mission is to expand their technology so they can provide solutions for other inefficient energy intensive industrial processes.

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