Empire Film Group Inc. is an independent film finance, production, and distribution company. The company’s commitment is to developing and producing low-cost, high quality commercial films that will attract talent and strong distribution. They have a management team that has more than twenty-five years of experience in the areas of development, production, distribution, finance, and marketing of feature films and television programs.

The company focuses their efforts on what they believe is a lucrative market segment. Empire Film looks to produce and/or acquire modestly budgeted, theatrical-quality films. They then look to distribute these to theaters, video, and television in the U. S. marketplace.

Filming is done by the company in many locations around the world, including Vancouver, Toronto, France, Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and various locations throughout the United States. In addition to filming, Empire also owns and operates a free standing distribution for books, Blu-Ray HD videos, CDs and television titles.

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