ExploreAnywhere Holding Corp. specializes in the resale of computer technology products. For the majority of products available, ExploreAnywhere acts as an affiliated re-seller or rebrands products from outside suppliers. The company offers a host of products on its website, only one of which that has been developed by the company itself.

ExploreAnywhere sells a computer software-monitoring product called Spybuddy. Company management contracted an outside software engineer to design and develop the product. To date, ExploreAnywhere channels the majority of its sales efforts to support and develop the product.

In addition to Spybuddy, ExploreAnywhere offers other spy hardware products similar to its own, most notably Mobile Spy and Sniper Spy. However, the company does not actively market or promote these technologies. Interested parties can view ExploreAnywhere’s catalogue of products at www.exploreanywhere.com.

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