Based in Orange County, California, Fresh Start Private specializes in treatment for alcohol addiction. Using cutting-edge information and practices, the company has created a uniquely comprehensive alcohol treatment program that incorporates all of the essential elements for successful recovery: medical intervention, one-on-one counseling sessions, family and friend involvement, and continuing care.

Fresh Start uses its carefully designed program to give those suffering with alcoholism the opportunity for a “Fresh Start” at life. The company’s website lists several key components to its unique treatment philosophy that differentiates it from other programs. Fresh Start recognizes the importance of early medical intervention to reduce cravings and curb the addiction earlier than its competitor’s programs. Similarly, the company’s belief in the physical and psychological components to addiction provides its patients with a well-rounded treatment experience.

The company built its programs around a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive, biodegradable implant of naltrexone, an FDA-approved pharmaceutical for the treatment of alcoholism. Once implanted, the unique formulation dramatically curbs alcohol cravings within hours, and continues to deliver target therapeutic levels of naltrexone to patients for an average of approximately 200 days, ensuring that the patient is receiving his/her medication without any chance of interruption.

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