GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. develops and markets innovative products for the automotive aftermarket. In addition to converting gasoline-powered vehicles into electric hybrids, GT Legend also offers body kits for retrofitting Ford Mustang classic cars and high-end, aftermarket wheels. The company’s body kits and wheels are designed to enhance the looks of a vehicle while adding value and quality.

The company anticipates that its conversion kits will likely become its principle business segment. In hundreds of hours of testing, this patent-pending kit has proven its ability to increase gas mileage, extend engine life, reduce harmful emissions and boost horsepower. At commercial production levels, the company anticipates pricing its electric conversions at less than $7,000.

GT Legend’s co-founders and senior executives, Ed Monfort and Joe Flores, are seasoned auto industry entrepreneurs with over 40 years of business experience. Chief Technical Officer Ed Monfort patented a cryogenic thermal cycling technology for tempering metal, and built the Ronaele Mustang, the first high-performance electric car. Flores has built several nationally known automotive businesses, including Elite Wheel, Image Alloys and USA Forged.

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