Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. produces, manufactures, and markets Horiyoshi the Third (HIII), a high end clothing and accessories product line. Inspiration for the label is based on the artistry of word renowned Japanese Tattoo Artist, Yoshihito Nakano. According to the company website, “The Horiyoshi the Third collection transforms the unique vision and unequivocal precision…of the Japanese tattoo tradition into an imitable brand experience.”

In its HIII line, Horiyoshi Worldwide aims to balance artistic expression and elite fashion. HIII has been featured in leading fashion publications such as The International Herald Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, Anotherman Magazine, Vogue and Style.com. Noted by the New York Times as a “great line,” buyers can purchase from the casual line for men, casual line for women, and the unique offering of accessories.

Looking forward, the company plans to expand its product categories through selective license or cross-license agreements to third party producers in complimentary categories such as: undergarments, leather goods, footwear, active and general lifestyle products. In its future partnerships, Horiyoshi Worldwide aims to continue preserving the design and quality of the products manufactured, and also control the manner in which such products are advertised, marketed, and distributed.

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