MediaG3, a leading technology company, is focused on developing and marketing broadband wireless products and interactive rich-media content delivery applications for online and mobile devices. MediaG3 believes it will capture unprecedented market opportunities and realize rapid revenue growth and profitability with its proven and patented technologies, as well as established market acceptance.

The company is providing its products and services to make broadband bi-directional communications possible in areas lacking fixed or wireless infrastructures. MediaG3’s product portfolio applications and services enable commercial customers to offer interactive TV and broadband Internet access at a significantly reduced cost.

MediaG3’s product portfolio includes three complementary products and applications, mg3 wireless, mg3 mobile and mg3 web 2.0 - each designed to greatly improve the effectiveness of corporate communications, marketing, advertising and content delivery to targeted customers, while generating incremental revenue. The company’s technologies are protected by five US patents, one European patent and one Chinese patent.

MediaG3, Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company has two subsidiaries, Oriental Media Communications, Inc. and Little Sheep Children’s Development, Ltd. Both are based in China with main business offices in Shanghai, and business development, sales and distribution facilities nationwide.

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